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Coordinators - Mrs Blanks and Mr Younger

The aim of teaching Geography at ‘Morpeth Road Primary Academy’ is for children to develop an understanding of places and environments. Through their work in geography, children learn about their local area, and they compare their life with that in other regions in the United Kingdom and in the rest of the world. They learn how to draw and interpret maps, and they develop their skills of research, investigation, analysis and problem-solving. Through their growing knowledge and understanding of human geography, children gain an appreciation of life in other cultures.

Geography at Morpeth Road Primary Academy aims to stimulate and develop the children’s interest and foster a sense of wonder about the world they live in. Geography teaches an understanding of places, environments and processes and we strive to provoke and answer the children’s questions about the natural and human worlds. The children learn to use maps to locate cities, countries, continents, mountain ranges, rivers, seas and oceans. They use atlases, photos and the internet to explore the environment, recognise landmarks and economics of those countries which they study. They then use the skills they have developed in literacy, numeracy and ICT to report and record their findings.

In the Early Years children will develop crucial knowledge, skills and understanding that will help them to make sense of the world and form the foundation for geographical work in KS1. Geography is an integral part of the topic work covered during the year and we take the learning outcomes from the aspect ‘Understanding the World’ in the revised ‘Early Year’s Foundation Stage Curriculum.’

   The children in the Early Years Foundation Stage children will be given opportunities to:

  • Create their own environments through small world play and create simple maps representing the key features.
  • Use role play, I.C.T, photographs, books, artefacts and visitors to find out about the local and wider environment and explore cultural differences and similarities.
  • Visit places in their local environment including; the seaside, the park, the garden centre and the woods.
  • Discuss places they have visited on their holidays and locate them on a map.
  • Sing songs and create dances from around the world.

Teaching and learning styles

We use a variety of teaching and learning styles in our geography lessons. These include:

  • Enquiry-based activities where children can use the skills that they have learned to ask and answer geographical questions.
  • Pupils to work both independently and collaboratively.
  • Pupils to learn in their preferred styles i.e. visual, auditory or kinaesthetic.
  • Pupils to take part in role-play and class discussions.
  • Wherever possible, involve the children in ‘real’ geographical activities, for example research of a local environmental problem, or use of the Internet to investigate a current issue.

How has the Curriculum changed?

The Geography Curriculum is split into four main areas. They are:

  • Locational Knowledge
  • Place Knowledge
  • Human and Physical Geography
  • Geographic skills and Fieldwork

The Primary Geography Curriculum has experienced several fundamental changes in line with the reshaping of the new National Curriculum. As we develop these exciting changes the key differences are highlighted below:

Throughout the school there will be greater emphasis on developing practical geographical skills, such as being able to use compass or grid references in a real life context.

In Key Stage 1 there will be increased emphasis on developing children’s understanding of the world’s continents and oceans.

At Key Stage 1 the new topics will centre on the UK in addition to another European location.

At Key Stage 2 the topics will place an emphasis on learning about an area of North or South America in addition to a European location.

Our Geogrpahy lessons are cross-curricular and topic based. To see which topics we cover at Morpeth Road, please click here.

If you would like any more information about Geography, please speak to Mrs Blanks or Mr Younger.

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