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Coordinator - Miss Greenaway

Our Approach to the teaching of Reading and writing

Literacy lessons at Morpeth Road Primary Academy help to develop children’s speaking, listening, reading, writing and drama skills.

The children are encouraged to play an active part in their learning and we use a range of techniques to make the work stimulating and exciting.

Writing is the Academies main focus area and we are ensuring that pupils are using their writing skills across the curriculum and they are writing at more length.

Children learn phonic strategies to help with reading and spelling. They learn to express themselves creatively and imaginatively through discussions, role play and in writing.


Each Year group teaches from its ‘Band’ to ensure that pupils are ‘Year Group’ ready in September. There has been a high emphasis upon:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Composition
  • Handwriting

Each Band relates to a child’s year group. E.G – Year 1 children will be working on Band 1. Year 2 children will be working on Band 2. If a children is working significantly below their expected level teachers will use their judgment and teach the child to the band that they need to be working on.

Here you can find a copy of the bands we use in school.

Band 1 Writing Targets
Band 2 Writing Targets
Band 3 Writing Targets
Band 4 Writing Targets
Band 5 Writing Targets
Band 6 Writing Targets

Read, Write, Inc (EYFS and KS1)

In September 2014 we introduced RWI into school and this has had a positive impact on our pupil’s progress. Our phonics results have gone from 21% to 71% in 2016. The RWI programme is an integrated synthetic phonics programme that teaches reading and writing.

We teach pupils to:

  • decode letter-sound correspondences quickly and effortlessly, using their phonic knowledge and skills
  • read ‘tricky’ words on sight
  • understand what they read
  • read aloud with fluency and expression
  • write confidently, with a strong focus on vocabulary and grammar
  • spell quickly and easily by segmenting the sounds in words • acquire good handwriting.


In addition, we teach pupils to work effectively with a partner to explain and consolidate what they are learning. This provides the teacher with opportunities to assess learning and to pick up on difficulties, such as pupils’ poor articulation, or problems with blending or alphabetic code knowledge. We group pupils homogeneously, according to their progress in reading rather than their writing. This is because it is known that pupils’ progress in writing will lag behind progress in reading.



We have many intervention groups throughout school to support children’s learning within literacy

  • Lexia – This is a computer based reading programme to develop and support their reading strategies further.
  • Read, Write, Inc Intervention groups (KS2)
  • Guided reading
  • Writing intervention groups to close the gaps in learning.
  • Guided grammar groups to consolidate learning.



Our main reading schemes in school are;

  • Oxford Reading Tree
  • Tree Tops
  • RWI stories.
  • Cracking Comprehension – This is used from Y2 – Y6.

Children respond well to the schemes in school. We also use Songbird, Story World and Rhyme World to support our younger pupils.

Older children choose their reading books freely from the school library.



In line with the new curriculum we teach Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar contextually within our literacy lessons and as two standalone lessons during the week. We have developed a scheme of work to ensure children have all of the basic skills they need to support their learning. We also give the children a chance to write at length through our Weekly Creative Writing sessions. This gives our children the opportunity to use what they have been taught during their RWI session/literacy lessons and put it into practice. This allows the children to write creatively, use their own imaginations and write at length.

For more detail see the handwriting policy. Below are some useful websites:


In school, we take great pride in promoting our love of Literacy. Please take a look at some of our fantastic and inspiring literacy displays around our school.


If you would like any more information about Literacy, please speak to Miss Greenaway.

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SCHOOL DAY WITH US School Day at Morpeth Road.