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Attendance Award - 22nd June 2018

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RE is taught using a range of strategies

The children carry out craft and art based activities. They watch videos and use the internet and reference books to find out information. The school has a collection of artefacts for both Islam and Judaism and the children are encouraged to look at these, handle them where appropriate, and discuss them.


Through RE the children learn about some of the major faiths in the world. This helps them to understand other people and the world around them. It helps them to build empathy for others. The children are also encouraged to think about their own faith and beliefs. They have opportunities to think about their family’s routines, rules and traditions and to consider why they hold these. The children can share their experiences and beliefs or they can just focus on them individually. The children also have chances to think about what is special and important to them and to think about why.

Key Teaching and Learning Styles in RE

At Morpeth Road Primary Academy we believe that children should have as many experiences as possible and that we should teach in a range of ways to give each child maximum opportunity to learn. The RE we teach in school is very cross curricular and there are many different subjects which work along side it. The children will have opportunities to handle and draw religious artefacts and they will also use the Netbooks in school to carryout structured research. They will not only learn about festivals and special foods but they will have the opportunity to try out some of the clothing associated with festivals and will have the chance to make and taste special foods. They will watch video clips and films to show them the reality of certain religions as well as more academically based learning where they might write reports or descriptions. There will also be opportunities to visit different places of worship and invite guests from different religions into school.

Assessment in RE

Religious Education is broken down into two attainment targets: AT 1 is what we can learn about religion and AT 2 is what we can learn from religion. For example in AT 1 the children might learn that Jesus is very special to Christians and why He is so important and in AT 2 they might think about what makes a person special to them and why they are. Each unit of work is broken down into 6 sessions and these have clear “I can” statements for both attainment targets. The teacher will be able to comment on whether the child has achieved these targets through observing their work, photographing or videoing drama based activities and marking their written work. Each religion we are looking at will have clear level descriptors and the teacher will be able to use these to assess the RE level which the child is performing at. The assessment of the child’s knowledge and understanding will be reported on in their annual report to the parents/guardians.

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